John Minardi D.C.


1997-2001: Doctor of Chiropractic. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 1900 Bayview Ave. Toronto, ON M4G 3E6

1996-1997: Certified Acupuncturist. Holt School of Natural Healing

1992-1996: Honors Degree in Human Kinetics University of Windsor. 20 College Ave. Windsor, ON N9B 3P4


  • Owner/Operator of the Chiropractic Advantage clinic in Oakville.
  • Founder and Head instructor of the Thompson Technique Seminar Series. Teaching a variety of topics including: Anatomy, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Biomechanics and Technique.
  • Instructor of Neurology of the VSC, as well as Technique for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
  • Author of Technique Toolbox, a column in the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine
  • Author of The Complete Thompson Textbook (Published October 2006)
  • Author of The Complete Thompson Textbook, Second Edition. (January 2014)
  • Producer of the Complete Thompson Technique DVD Series (April 2011)
  • Producer of the Neurology of the VSC- DVD Series (January 2013)
  • Founder and Head Instructor of Minardi Education (January 2014)
  • Providing Chiropractic care for people of all ages (infants through seniors)
Chiropractic Accomplishments:

  • 1998 - Certified in Thompson Terminal Point Technique
  • Thompson Technique Club President – Three consecutive years
  • Founder of The Complete Thompson Technique Seminar Series(2001-Present)
  • Proficient in many chiropractic techniques including; Thompson, Stucky Integrated Methods, MPI, Pediatrics, Activator and NUCCA.
  • Awarded on 11 separate occasions for skill, leadership and outstanding service to chiropractic students and the chiropractic profession.
  • 2011 Chiropractor of the Year – Parker Seminars
  • 2012 and 2013 Parker Seminars GTO award
  • World Lecturer on Chiropractic Technique and Practical Neurology of the VSC

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